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On efficient working and procrastination

More people than you think display procrastination behaviour, i.e. putting off a task that we know needs to be done, even if delaying it will likely make it worse. If this is bothering you, there is a wealth of blogs to be found on the subject, but you could also have a look at one of the following books - I especially recommend Tim Pychyl’s little guide:


Tim Pychyl’s procrastination lab also produces podcasts on this topic, which explain the science behind procrastination.

Funny and insightful explanation

And just for fun, here is a field guide to types of procrastinators.


On abstract writing

It’s important to get your thoughts on paper in a clear, convincing and concise way, in order to interest readers and get accepted into conferences. Here are some top tips for how to do it:


On the impostor syndrome

If you’re feeling like a fraud, like you don’t belong in the academic world, or thinking you’re not good enough and going to be found out, you might identify with what is described as the ‘impostor phenomenon’. There are tons of information and help to be found about this on the internet, but my best advice would be: read the book ‘The secret thoughts of successful women’ by Valerie Young. Just buy it and read it. Otherwise, these were the sites I found clearest and most helpful: