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Welcome to my home page!


I am a researcher in African and general linguistics, currently employed at the University of Cambridge on the ReCoS project and as a Research Fellow of Darwin College.


My research is inspired by the question ‘what determines our grammar and its variation across languages?’. Formulating our thoughts in sentences is for a large part restricted by the syntactic rules of the particular language we speak. Another force that shapes our sentences, however, is the packaging of information: what is the most important bit of information, and how do I convey that to my interlocutor? This interface between morphosyntax and pragmatics, and particularly the crosslinguistic variation in this area, keeps fascinating me.


Key research terms: comparative morphosyntax, information structure, Bantu languages, grammaticalisation, formal typology


On these pages you can find information about me and my research activities, and about the language Makhuwa.